Testsets (Buttsets)
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Premier Test Set

For use by repair technicians and installers to test lines and provide temporary communication. Equipped with a protective fuse. In case of a blown fuse, the unit will become inoperable but will not be damaged.
Audible Ringer - allows the technician to receive incoming calls. Talk/Mon Switch - Set the switch to MON position to monitor the line w/o disturbance. Last Number Redial - will hold up to 31 digits. Mute/Clarity Button - eliminates side tone and side conversations cannot be heard. Polarity LED - allows technician to check correct polarity on a particular circuit. Tone/Pulse Switch - allow the technician to choose the desired mode of signaling. Angled Cork Clip - gives the option of using an alligator clip or angled bed of nails. Lessens the chance of chip shorting. Belt Clip - connects to belt loops and D-Rings. HAC Compatible. Color-Blue One Year Warranty.

Progressive Model 390 Telephone Test Set

Popular Features At A Reasonable Price Rugged Design For Demanding Use Designed for use by communications wiring installation and repair technicians, the Model 390 provides line powered two way communications and general line conditiondiagnostics. The Model 390 is designed to withstand the rigors of daily field use. Its gasket lined housing and impact resistant polypropylene shell insure years of trouble free operation. 4 1/2 foot braided cloth cordsets are equipped with popular bent nose clips and “bed-of-nails” wires.
Complete Features Include:
Traditional talk monitor operation
Tone and pulse dialing
Built-in ringer
LED polarity indication
10 number programmable numbers
6 year battery back up for programmed numbers
Last number redial
High impedance monitor
Microphone mute button
Line quick disconnect button
Timed break recall (TBR) function
Convenient hanging loop and belt clip
Optional ground start operation
Field replaceable cordset
Gasket lined, water resistant design

Model 385 Telephone Test Set

The Model 385 Telephone Test Set is designed for use by wiring installation and repair technicians for two-way communication and testing line condition. Able to withstand rugged environmental use, the unit is water-resistant. The Model 385 can dial in tone and pulse modes, monitor line activity and contains LED polarity indication.


Tone and pulse dialing
LED polarity indication
Last number redial
Timed break recall
Resistance to “raw” 50 volt supply application
Ergonomic design
Rugged construction, molded in high impact polypropylene
Water-resistant design
Hanging loop and belt clip
Cloth cordset with “bed-of-nails” clips