Vodavi Triad Telephones
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Vodavi Triad 48 BTN DSS TR9010

Refurbished Only
48 Buttons support an attendant console or answering position.

Vodavi Triad Telephone 8 BTN BASIC KTU TR9011

Refurbished Only
6 Fixed and 8 Feature buttons with fully integrated speakerphone

Vodavi Triad Telephone 24 BTN ENH KTU TR9013

Refurbished Only
12 Fixed and 24 Feature buttons with fully integrated speakerphone

Vodavi Triad Telephone 12 BTN EXEC KTU - TR9014

Refurbished Only
12 Fixed and 12 Feature Buttons with fully integrated speakerphone and LCD display

Vodavi Triad Telephone 24 BUTTON EXEC KTU TR9015

Refurbished Only
12 Fixed and 24 Feature buttons with fully integrated speakerphone and LCD Display


Refurbished Only

Vodavi Triad Telephone 89n

Refurbished Only

Vodavi Discovery CT for TRIAD Systems

Refurbished Only
Explore a new dimension of communication possibilities with the Discovery CT series of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) solutions for the TRIAD Digital Business Communications System. The Discovery CT Series provides you with two primary options:  CT Module — for connecting TRIAD digital telephones to a PC.  Discovery CT Telephone Integration Board which replaces the desktop telephone with a board in your PC. Every TRIAD Digital Telephone is CTI Enabled TRIAD telephones were engineered to support computer telephony enabled applications to integrate with your PC, simply connect your telephone to the optional CT Module, and plug the other end into the serial port of your PC. In less than a minute you’re ready to go! Or Eliminate the Desktop Telephone Altogether The Discovery CT Telephone Integration Kit replaces the traditional desktop digital telephone by providing all the digital keyset circuitry on a card that slides into a PC, making your PC your telephone and providing you with all the familiar features of the telephone on your PC screen.The Discovery CT Integration Kit comes packaged with a handset to enable you to have private conversations, plus headset compatibility is also included. Discover Simplicity with Discovery CT Phone Software Discovery CT software is a Windows-based graphical user interface that combines the familiar flexibility of Windows with all of the TRIAD system features. Graphical icons show the current status of all active lines and extensions.The 24 programmable function buttons let you customize your system with speed dialing, conference calling, or any other features you need to make call handling easy to manage. Discovery Compatibility The Discovery CT Integration Board fits into any 16 bit ISA expansion slot inside your PC. Discovery CT software works seamlessly with STARPLUS Dispatch and other voice processing systems so no call is ever missed.

Discovery CT part No. 9034-10
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 compatible.

Discovery CT part No. 9034-20
“The Link”, includes Maximizer 4.0 software for one user.