Digital Announcers
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Promotion on Hold Announcer (Model DVA-2W)

The DVA-2W provides professional digital messages on hold, as well as the capability to fade between promotional messages and an auxiliary music source. The DVA-2W comes standard with 1 minute of non-volatile memory and can be expanded to 4 minutes using three ERAM-60 memory chips.

Line Powered Digital Announcer (Model DVA-LP)

The DVA-LP is a simple line powered, ring-trip announcer. The DVA-LP features 16 seconds of non-volatile record time. Line Powered Digital Announcer (Model DVA-LP)

Single Channel ACD/UCD Announcer (Model DVA-500A)

The DVA-500A is a professional, single channel, ACD/UCD announcer. The DVA-500A works both as a ring trip announcer as well as a 4 wire E&M interface announcer. The DVA-500A comes standard with 16 seconds of record time and can be expanded to 60 seconds using the ERAM-60 memory expansion kit.

Improved 3 Channel Digital Announcer (Model DVA-1003B )

The DVA-1003B provides 3 channels of digital messaging in both ring trip and 4 wire E&M interfaces. The unit will ship with 16 seconds/channel of record time and will be expandable to 1 minute/channel. In addition, the DVA-1003B is remotely recordable and offers greater compatibility. Beta units available now!

Three Channel Digital Announcer (Model DVA-3003)

The DVA-3003 is at the top of Viking's line of professional ACD/UCD announcers. The DVA-3003 features 1 minute of record time per channel and remote record/programming capabilities. Expandable to 4 minutes of digital record time per channel, it can also be configured as a single channel, 12 minute announcer. The memory consists of non-volatile E2 prom and will require no batteries to maintain the memory.

Time & Temperature Announcer (Model DVA-TNT)

The DVA-TNT provides a user recorded announcement along with the time of day and outdoor temperature. A custom greeting or promotion can be recorded into the DVA-TNT using the local phone jack or call into it remotely.

Memory Kit for DVA-500 & DVA-1003A (Model DRAM-32)

The DRAM-32 increases the digital record time of the the DVA-500 and the DVA-1003A from 16 seconds to 32 seconds per channel.

Memory Expansion Kit for DVA-2W DVA-500A, DVA-1003B & DVA-3003 (Model ERAM-60)

The ERAM-60 adds 60 seconds of record time to one channel of the DVA-2W, DVA-1003A CE, DVA-1003B and the DVA-3003. The DVA-2W and DVA-3003 will accept up to 3 ERAM-60's per channel a total of 4 minutes. The DVA-1003A CE will accept one ERAM-60 per channel for a total of 1