Call Sequencers
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Memory Expansion for TMS-6X & TMS-12A (Model DRAM-1M)

The DRAM-1M increases the digital record time of the TMS-6X and/or TMS-12A from 32 seconds to 2 minutes.

Six Line Call Sequencer (Model TMS-6X)

The TMS-6X brings the appearance of large companies to small businesses. The TMS-6X will answer and provide a professional greeting on 6 incoming lines and then put the caller on hold to wait for the next available representative. While waiting, the customer can listen to music on hold or a promotional message (See "Digital Announcers"). The TMS-6X provides 32 seconds of digital record time and can be expanded to 2 minutes using the DRAM-1M.

12 to 24 Line Call Sequencer (Model TMS-12A)

Like the TMS-6X, the TMS-12A will provide a professional greeting to customers while they wait for a representative. In addition, the TMS-12A will process calls on 12 incoming lines or 24 lines when two TMS-12A's are cascaded. The TMS-12A can also provide useful statistics when used in conjunction with the TMS-STATS software package.

Remote Display for TMS-6X & TMS-12A (Model TMS-RDMA)

The TMS-RDMA is a remote display designed to provide call que information for the TMS-6X and the TMS-12A. The TMS-RDMA will provide a common audible and display the number of the line the oldest call is holding on. Up to 3 TMS-RDMA can be run by either call sequencer.

Sequential Ring Generator for TMS-6X & TMS-12A (Model SQRG-12)

The SQRG-12 makes the operation of either the TMS-6X or the TMS-12A nearly transparent. This sequential ring generator will recreate ring voltage on the system trunk port that the oldest call is holding on. Therefore your representatives merely answer the ringing lines as they are presented.

Statistics Software for TMS-12A (Model TMS-STATS)

The TMS-STATS software package provides additional statistics capabilities to the TMS-12A call sequencer. These statistics can then be downloaded, via a serial interface, to a printer or computer.

Call Sequencer TMS-2 for 2 line Phones includes Music on Hold

TheTMS-2 answers the calls you can't because you are on the other line, plays a message in your voice, then provides music or promotion on hold until you answer.