Panasonic KXTA-1232
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KX-TA1232 Advanced Hybrid System is an analog, modular system with an initial configuration of 8 CO lines and 16 stations. It can easily expand to accommodate up to 12 COs and 32 stations with the addition of expansion cards. The system uses the KX-T7000 or KX-T7300 series phonesand offers Caller ID compatibility as well as Voice Mail integration.

Panasonic KXTA-1232 Control Unit KX-TA1232

Initial configuration 8 x 16 Expandable to 12 lines 32 stations.

Panasonic KXTA-1232 8-extension Hybrid Circuit Card KX-TA123270


Panasonic KXTA-1232 4-port CO line card KX-TA123280


Panasonic KXTA-1232 DISA Card KX-TA123291


Panasonic KXTA-1232 Door Phone/OpenerAdapter KX-TA I23260

Supports up to 4 doors

Panasonic KXTA-1232 Caller ID Card KX-TA I23293

Covers 4 lines per card - maximum of 3

Caller ID will only display on KX-T7030, KX-T7130, KX-T7135, KX-T7335 KX-T7885, KX-T7895 Proprietary phones.