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Vandal Resistant, Panel Phone with Dial Pad (Model K-1900-8)

The K-1900-8 features a stainless steel panel, armored cable, heavy duty handset, built-in Hot-Line dialer and a vandal resistant keypad for IVR and Touch Tone applications.

Vandal Resistant Panel Phone (Model K-1500-7)

The K-1900-7 is a programmable, Touch Tone, Hot-line dialer built into a stainless steel panel phone with a metal hook switch cradle, armored cable, and heavy duty handset.

Red Desk Phone with Ringer (Model K-1500P-D & K-1500P-W)

Ideal for use as an employee or customer courtesy phone, the K-1500P-D is perfect for allowing only incoming calls as there is no dial pad.

Handsfree Phone with Keypad (Model K-1700-3)

Viking has added a handsfree telephone with keypad to its complete line of door entry and emergency phones. Similar to the K-1900-8, the K-1700-3 is vandal resistant and consists of a heavy duty metal keypad and an attractive andtough brushed stainless steel panel. Beta Units Available Now!

Hot-Line Desk Phone (Model K-1900D-2 & K-1900W-2)

The K-1900D-2 is a programmable, Touch Tone, Hot-line dialer built into a red desk phone enclosure with no dial pad. When an off-hook on an outgoing call occurs, the K-1900D-2 will dial the pre-programmed 1-20 digit number. It will not dial on incoming calls.