Hot Line Dialers
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Touch Tone Hot-Line Dialer Network(Model K-1900-6)

The K-1900-6 is a Hot-Line dialer/phone network that is installable in 500, 554, 2500, 2554 type phones. When installed the K-1900-6 converts these phones into Hot-Line phones.

Multi-number Touch Tone Hot-Line Dialer (Model K-1900-1)

The K-1900-1 now supports speed dialing on standard phones. The non-volatile memory will store up to 100 telephone numbers. When a one or two digit memory code (00-99) is entered alone, the K-1900-1 will speed dial the associated telephone number. Normal dialing will not trigger the dialer and improved toll restriction has been added.

Apartment Entry Dialer (Model K-1900-3)

Designed for apartments or business complexes with 100 or fewer tenants, the new K-1900-3 has been added to Viking’s existing line of Hot-Line Dialers and Door Entry Systems. The K-1900-3 will store up to 100 telephone numbers in non-volatile E2 memory. When combined with a Touch Tone phone, such as the K-1900-8, a call initiated by the K-1900-3 and received by a tenant may be "buzzed" in using the built-in DTMF controlled relay closure.

Pulse only Hot-Line Dialer (Model K-1900-4)

The K-1900-4 turns any phone into a Hot-Line phone. The K-1900-4 is user programmable to store a 1-16 digit phone number. When on off-hook occurs, the K-1900-1 will simply dial its pre-programmed telephone number.

Touch Tone Hot-Line Dialer (Model K-1900-5)

Viking’s new compact Touch Tone dialer is now available in a small, wall mountable biscuit block similar to the K-1900-4. The K-1900-5 uses non-volatile E2 prom, and is programmable via DTMF Touch Tones.

Multi-Input Voice Dialer/Announcer (Model K-2000-DVA)

The K-2000-DVA will dial up to 8 numbers for each of its 8 triggered contact inputs and play a user recorded announcement describing the alarm condition. Altenatively, the unit may be used as an 8 message store caster for department stores, grocery stores, etc.