Merlin 410
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AT&T/Lucent Merlin 410 Control Unit

Refurbished1 Required Configured for 4 incoming Lines 10 Telephones.
Merlin 410 Control Unit. Supports 4 incoming lines and 10 Merlin style telephones. Accepts Feature cartridge 1 or 2 Music on Hold Cartridge, and Paging External Signal Cartridge.

AT&T/Lucent Merlin Telephone 5 button Black

RefurbishedMaximum 6 telephones.
Merlin Telephone 5 button. Allows intercom and 4 outside lines.

AT&T/Lucent Merlin 10 Btn Standard(black) 3160-172A

Merlin 10 button telephone. Allows 2 intercoms and 8 outside lines.

AT&T/Lucent Merlin BIS 10 Button Part Number: 3165-10BA

RefurbishedMaximum 10 telephones. As required. Speakerphone, Requires Feature Pack 1 or 2.
Merlin Telephone 10 button built in speakerphone

AT&T/Lucent Merlin Feature Pack 1

RefurbishedAllows on Hook Dialing.
Used in the Merlin 206or 410 system. Adds on hook dialing, transfer, Conference, Do Not Disturb, Privacy.

AT&T/Lucent Merlin Feature pack 2

RefurbishedAllows on hook dialing and speed dialing.
Used with the Merlin206/410/820 systems. Adds Speed dial, Conference, Message waiting Light, one touch dialing,transfer, on hook dialing, Use only feature pack 1 or 2

AT&T/Lucent Music on Hold/Paging Cartridge (AT&T/Lucent)

RefurbishedWhere Music on hold and paging are required. For music on hold only see next cart. Cannot use both carts.
Allows Music on Hold and external Paging on the merlin 206/410 and 820 systems. Requires external paging system. Use only the Music on Hold or the music on hold/Paging Cartridge.

AT&T/Lucent Music on Hold Cartridge (AT&T/Lucent)

RefurbishedFor Music on Hold only. Cannot use both Music on Hold and Music on Hold Paging cart.
Allows Music on Hold for the Merlin 206/410/820 systems. use either the music on hold or music on hold/paging cartridge.

AT&T/Lucent Extra Alert/Power Failure Cartridge

RefurbishedSupports external ringers and allows use of a single line telephone during power failures.
Allows an external ringer to be installed, also allows access to an incoming line in case of power failure.

AT&T/Lucent Headest Adapter 502

RefurbishedRequired with use of headset.
Allows the use of a headset with a Merlin telephone