Line Simulators/Ring Down
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Telephone Line Simulator (Model DLE-200B)

The DLE-200B provides simulated C.O. service with talk battery, ring voltage, simulated dial tone, ringback, and CPC break. It can be configured as a 1 or 2-way ringdown circuit and can be programmed for standard or distinctive ringing.

Advanced Telephone Line Simulator (Model DLE-300)

The DLE-300 provides nearly all the features of the DLE-200B plus precise C.O. tones such as dial tone, ring back, busy, fast busy, re-order tone, and SIT. In addition, the unit produces "Name and Number" Caller ID data and will support the highest possible data speeds supported by your peripherals/modems. As an added feature the DLE-300 can also be configured as a "911 Trainer" for classrooms and businesses.

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