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Automatic Fax Routing Switch (Model FAXJ-300)

The FAXJ-300 allows businesses to share a telephone line both for faxing and for day to day communication. The FAXJ-300 recognizes Fax Machine "CNG" tone and will route any call from an automatic fax machine to the "Fax" port. If no "CNG" is heard the call will be routed to the phone port. The FAXJ-300 also supports "Distinctive Ringing" provided by most phone companies.

2-Line Music on Hold Interface (Model MOH-2L)

The MOH-2L will allow any user to place a call on hold on 1 or 2 lines. While on hold, the caller can listen to any standard audio source such as music or promotion on hold.

Four Port Auto Routing Device (Model PDF-2)

The PDF-2 operates nearly identically to the FAXJ-300, but the PDF-2 adds the flexibility of two additional ports for such devicesas modems and credit card machines. Like the FAXJ-300, the PDF-2 alsosupports "Distinctive Ringing" provided by most phone companies.

Two-Line Call Sequencer (Model TMS-2)

The TMS-2 has been added to Viking's line of Call Sequencers. Designed to give small businesses and offices the appearance of large corporations, the TMS-2 will answer a second line on a specified number of rings and play a user recorded greeting. The caller will then be held until the receiving party is free to take the call.

Single Line Telephone System! (Model TS-1)

The new TS-1 simple phone system provides features such as transfer, music on hold, and conference capability without rewiring your house or adding an expensive Key Sytem or PABX.

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