Telephone Management Systems
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24 Position Silent Observation Unit (Model SO-24)

The SO-24 allows a manager to silently monitor phone conversations on up to 24 analog extensions or telephone lines. In addition, the conversation may be joined at any time by dialing a *. When paired with a remote control tape recorder, the SO-24 may also silently tape a specified conversation.

Four-Line Call Accounting (Model CA-4)

Viking has conceptualized and is planning a 4-Line Call Accounting device to add to our "Telephone Management Systems" product line. The CA-4 will monitor up to 4 lines for call duration, number dialed and time and date of call. The data can be buffered, sent to a printer continuously, or saved to a PC in an ASCII delimited text file.

Four-Line Call Counter (Model CC-4)

The CC-4 captures accurate call activity by counting the total number of calls and time on both incoming and outgoing calls. In addition to total statistics, individual line statistics may also be viewed on its large, built in LCD display.

Touch Tone Digit Monitor (Model DM-4)

The DM-4 is a DTMF Touch Tone monitor that will translate Touch Tones into readable digits on a built-in liquid crystal display. It is the ideal for trouble-shooting communication equipment or for complimenting the 1600 series of Emergency/ Ellevator phones in order to identify the calling location ID.

Wall Display for LM-24M, TMS-6X, TMS-12A (Model LM-12W)

Designed to work with the LM-24M monitor or the TMS-6X and TMS-12A Call Sequencers, the LM-12W provides a wall mountable, 12 position display with large back-lit numbers for line status indication. Two LM-12W's may be daisy chained for monitoring up to 24 positions.

Line Status Monitor and Display (Model LM-24S)

The LM-24M will monitor the status of up to 24 analog telephone lines or stations and provide a visual indication of the lines via the LM-24D (included) or LM-12W (optional) display. The LM-24D and LM-12W will provide a visual signal when a line or station is in use and the LM-24D will provide both a visual and audible signal on ring.

Message Waiting Lamp Controller (Model MLC-24)

The MLC-24 will provide message waiting voltage superimposed over up to 24 analog extensions for Key Systems, PABX's and Voice Mail systems that don't provide such voltage.

Retrofit Message Waiting Light (Model LM-1)

Designed to work on analog telephone lines or single line stations, the LM-1 will provide a message waiting light where standard message waiting voltage is provided. The LM-1 is easily installed on modular phones.

Low Voltage Message Waiting Light (Model LM-2)

Designed to work only with Viking's MLC-24, the LM-2 combines an attractive message waiting light with the convenience of a built-in reset button

6 Line Power Fail Telephone Line Switch (Model PF-6A)

The PF-6A will reroute up to 6 ground or loop start lines directly to analog single line phones in the event of a power failure when the Key Systems and PABX's will not work. The PF-6A also works flawlessly as a ground start to loop start converter.

6 Line Positive Transfer Control (Model PTC-6)

The PTC-6 will provide a 500ms hookswitch flash whenever a Touch Tone ** or ## is dialed. This allows users behind Key Systems and PABX's to access Centrex services.

Visual Status Indicator (Model VR-1A)

The VR-1A will detect Stutter Dial tone provided by voice mail systems to indicate a message has been left. In addition, the VR-1A can be used as a visual ring indicator and an "on the phone" indicator for both headsets and standard analog telephones.

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