Power Supplies
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2VDC to 115VAC Power Inverter (Model PI-150W)

The PI-150W converts 12 Volts DC to 115 Volts AC with a maximum continuous output power of 150 Watts.

Talk Battery/Loop Boosting Power Supply (Model PS-2R)

The PS-2R will boost both talk battery and loop current on analog single line extensions behind PABX's and key systems. This is helpful for powering line powered devices such as dialers and emergency phones.

Replacement Power Supplies

A complete list of Viking products and their corresponding replacement power supplies.

Ring Voltage & Talk Battery Power Supply (Model PS-48-RGA)

The PS-48-RGA will generate 90 volt, 20 Hz, AC ring and 48 volt, 150 ma, DC talk battery for many telephony applications.

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