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Directional Paging Horn (Model 25AE)

The 25AE is a 5", 8 ohm, directional, paging horn designed to work best with Viking's extensive line of paging amplifiers. With 12 watt capability and an easy mounting bracket, the 25AE is perfect for many paging applications.

Ceiling Mounted Speaker (Model 30AE)

Also designed to work with Viking Paging products, the 30AE provides the aesthetics of a flush mounted ceiling speaker for office paging applications. With 6 watt capability and excellent frequency response, the 30AE comes complete with all mounting hardware.

Improved Paging Amplifier (Model CPA-7B)

The CPA-7B will provide higher fidelity paging from either analog stations or paging ports and will be modularly expandable to support larger paging applications.

Clock Controlled Tone Generator (Model CTG-1)

The CTG-1 will output single, double or triple alert tones over an existing paging system with up to 128 events in a 24 hour period. Ideal for indicating the start and end of work shifts, lunch periods, and classes for schools and factories, the CTG-1has 3 contact closure inputs for triggering an emergency siren, buzzer, or doorbell chime sound.

Digital Feedback Eliminator (Model FBI-1A)

The FBI-1 eliminates feedback by digitally recording the outgoing page and then replaying the recorded message when the paging party hangs up. The FBI-1A is equipped with 1 minute of record time and can be programmed to repeat the outgoing message.

Handsfree Talk-back Paging Amplifier (Model HF-3W)

The HF-3W allows the convenience of simple communication through Talk-Back (two-way) paging. The HF-3W interfaces through an unused telephone line port on a PABX or Electronic Key system as well as some 2-way paging ports. and comes with one 25AE paging horn.

Night/Loud Ringing over Existing Paging System (Model K-600D)

The K-600D produces a 600 ohm warble and normally opened or normally closed contactclosures on ring voltage. The K-600D interfaces via a telephone line or single line station.

Key Telephone Paging Amplifier (Model M2W)

The M2W is designed to amplify the speaker of Electronic Key system phones for loud ringing and paging applications. The M2W comes complete with one 25AE paging horn and a power supply

Multi-Tone Generator (Model MTG-10)

The MTG-10 provides up to 10 contact initiated, line level tones for indicating audible alarms or notifications over an existing paging system. Some of the tones provided will be doorbell chimes, warble ringing, buzzers, an ANSI compliant evacuation signal, along with a host of others.

Paging / Loud Ringing Amplifier (Model PA-2A)

The PA-2A is the most versatile member of Viking's paging amplifiers. The PA-2A will interface with a standard paging port or with an unused telephone line port when no paging port is provided. The PA-2A will also provide loud ringing over 6 incoming lines or through a contact closure provided by your Key System or PABX. The PA-2A comes complete with one 25AE paging horn and a power supply.

Universal Paging Interface (Model PI-1)

The PI-1 provides a 600 ohm output and will interface with a standard paging port or with an unused telephone line port when no paging port is provided. The PI-1 also provides voice activated (VOX) or AC ring activated contacts for muting background music during paging or night bell.

Four Zone Paging Amplifier (Model ZPI-4)

The ZPI-4 provides up to four independent paging zones and interfaces via an unused telephone line port. The PZ-4 can perform an All Zone Call and will power up to three 25AE paging horns or 30AE ceiling speakers per zone. The PZ-4 comes complete with one 25AE paging horn and a power supply.

Ground Start to Loop Start Converter Model 271



Model 271 Ground Start to Loop Start Converter

The Model 271 Ground Start to Loop Start Converter links equipment ports intended for connection to ground start trunk circuits to loop start trunk circuits.

The Model 271 provides four circuits of ground start to loop start conversion. The unit is designed to be installed at the customer premises, adjacent to the equipment containing the ground start trunk ports.

The Model 271 can be powered with 24 Vac, –24 Vdc, or –48 Vdc. There are no switches to set or straps to cut; the unit automatically adjusts to the power that is connected.

The Model 271 is completely self-contained in a wall-mounted cabinet. Interconnections are made using a 25-pair plug. The Model 271 is FCC registered.

Model 271 Specifications

Number of Conversion Circuits: 4

Ringing Voltage: 60-150 Vac, 16-68 Hz

Ringing Detect Time: 100 milliseconds (nominal)

Circuit Release after Ringing Time: 6 seconds (nominal)

Minimum Ring Lead Current: 12 mA

Loop Current Detect Time: 10 milliseconds (nominal)

Loop Current Disconnect Time: 375 milliseconds (nominal)

Maximum Loop Resistance: limited by loop start trunk loop limit

Environment: 0 to 50 degrees C, humidity to 95% (no condensation)

FCC Registration:
Registration Number: BVV8VH-19259-OT-N
Ringer Equivalence: 1.0B

Radiated Noise Compliance: contains no circuitry subject to EMI regulations

Reliability: MTBF 27.8 years, per Method 1 of Bellcore TS-TSY-000332, Issue 3, September 1990

Interconnections: contains one 25-pair plug; installer must supply one cable terminated with 25-pair connector

Power Requirement:
18 to 30 Vac, 100 mA maximum
Class 2 power transformer only, minimum 5 VA rating –22 to –56 Vdc, 75 mA maximum

8.75 inches high (22.2 cm)
8.75 inches wide (22.2 cm)
3.25 inches deep (8.3 cm)

Mounting: wall mounts with four #8 pan-head screws

Weight: approximately 1 pound (0.5 kg)


Specifications subject to change without notice.

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