Fish Tapes
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Tape-Pak Reels and Winders

IDEAL Tape-Pak reels and winders provide maximum strength and flexibility for fishing long runs of conduit. Tape-Pak case is built of high-impact plastic that never dents or rusts. Use as a handle for pulling of fish tape to eliminate the dangers of bare-handed pulling as well as a handy tape storage system. High-grade tempered steel tape is fully protected and locked in reel when not in use so tape cannot kink or spring free.

Fiberglass 50 X 1/8 X .060 Reel 8 1/2

Reinforced S-Class nonconductive fiberglass core with nylon coating The Rapid-Pak Fish Tape is loaded with time and money saving features which elevates fish tape handling to a whole new level. Its revolutionary design with a rotating center hub and reversible winding knob for left or right-handed use cuts wind-up time to one-third that of other fish tapes. Rapid-Pak is so fast it pays for itself in time savings after just a few pulls. Reinforced S-Class nonconductive fiberglass core with outer nylon coating that is specially designed for working around energized panels, circuitry and telecommunications installations. Also, perfect for use in office environment.

N-GOPHERPOLE Gopher Pole Wire Installation Tool

Use this handy tool for long spans in hard-to-reach areas, suspended ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces and attics to fish wire and more. Telescopes to 22 feet in seconds, compacts to 52" long x 2" dia. Easy to handle in tight spots. No assembly required. Made of non-conductive fiberglass.

N-82-118 18ft. Grabbit

The Grabbits are lightweight, shockproof, sturdy self-locking telescoping fiberglass poles; Indispensable for running (pushing or pulling) wires or cables indoors as well as outdoors, in residential or commercial installations. The inner “V” of the patented “Ztip” has a double knife edge designed to literally “grab” the wire, while the outer “V” - without knife edge - is designed to push wires. The N-82-118 is made of three sections.


THE TOOL making conventional fish tapes obsolete. The Creep-Zit kit consists of: Five 6ft. green fiberglass rods (.159" diam.) Four with male/female screw-on connectors One with female on one end and a bullet shaped head with cross hole (bullnose) at the other end to attack the wire A one foot ballchain attacked to the bullnose to grab it easily when inside a wall An “eggbeater” shaped head (wisp) used as a guide to keep the rods from getting stuck on obstacles and to provide a “wheel” to “creep” from side to side The model N-81-230 is made of luminescent epoxy fiberglass rods (stronger and slightly stiffer) that truly glow in the dark after being “charged” in full light. The luminescent rods are interchangeable with the regular green rods. Multiple accessories are designed for specific applications: Please Call. Drag-Zit magnet: fish and bring a ball chain between ceiling and upper floor Ztip: fish wire way back in a cavity where rough surface prevents the use of Drag-Zit magnet and ballchain Jtip: uncoil coax or other cable Locate-Zit rod (or Locate-Zit screw-on tip): special bullnose with magnet incorporated to be used in conduction with the LZO compass to fish wires in insulated walls with moisture barrier or blown-in cellulose Adopt-Zit kit: combination of short fiberglass sections with multiple connector combinations allows fast conversion of the Creep-Zit section ends

Greenlee CableCaster

Faster Cable Installations CableCaster™ significantly speeds up the installation of lightweight communications cable through hard-to-reach spaces, such as suspended ceilings, rafters and sub-floors. Operation couldn’t be easier. CableCaster™ launches a dart up to 50 feet (15 meters) to the cable supply access point, pulling a durable monofilament line. The cable is attached to the dart, and pulled back with the CableCaster™ take-up reel. CableCaster™ darts are aerodynamically designed for true and accurate flight.The plastic darts glow in the dark to help locate them in even dimly lit areas. CableCaster™ includes an integral flashlight holder that accepts the Greenlee Pocket-Light (sold separately, Prod . No. N-46500) or a number of commercially available flashlights, including the MINI-MAGLITE flashlight. Applications and Identification

Network cabling
Safety and alarm systems
Sound and PA systems
Building control systems
HVAC installations
Product Features
A 50 foot (15 meter) range allows for faster installation with less number of pulls required Bright yellow body means it is less likely to be left behind Glow-in-the-dark green darts reduce replacement costs because they are easier to locate Darts are aerodynamically designed for high accuracy and faster installation (Not responsible for injuries) The optional flashlight improves visibility for faster installation