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Multi-tenant Name Directories! (Model D-series(stainless) BD-series(brass))

As a service to our "Apartment or Multi-tenant Entry" customers using the K-1900-3 apartment entry dialer, Viking has made available a complete line of attractive multi-tenant, name directories. The directories are available in stainless steel and brass in a variety of sizes.

Doorbox Controller for Doorboxes (Model C-1000A)

The C-1000 Doorbox Controller compliments Viking's line of doorboxes in that it allows a doorbox to work on a Single Line Residential phone. It will also allow multiple W-series doorboxes to share a telephone line port on a PABX or Electronic Key System. The C-1000 provides two contact closures to operate door strikes or gate controllers.

Advanced Door Entry Controller (Model C-2000)

The C-2000 will support up to 4 door phones, keyless entry, and Caller ID to identify individual stations. Any of Viking's line of weather resistant hands free or handset telephones (K-1700-3, K-1900-8) may be used as door stations in addition to standard telephones. The door stations require only a single pair of wires and will be powered by the simulated line of the C-2000.

Touch Tone Remote Controller (Model RC-2A)

The RC-2A provides a DTMF Touch Tone controllable contact closure over an established communication path. The RC-2A can be programmed to answer a ringing line orpassively monitor a phone call for the Touch Tone code that will activate its relay.

Three Relay Touch Tone Remote Controller (Model RC-3)

Similar to the RC-2A, the RC-3 provides 3 DTMF Touch Tone controllable relays. In addition, up to three RC-3's can be daisy chained to a single communication path to provide up to 9 contact closures. The RC-3 also provides a one number dialer for outbound dialing.

Simple and In-expensive Door Communication (Model W-200)

The W-200 provides handsfree communication to your front door over existing telephones. Designed to work in combination with an existing doorbell, the W-200 will provide inexpensive door communication over a single pair of wires.

Flush Mount Handsfree Door Intercom (Model W-1000)

The W-1000 provides the convenience of answering your door or gate from any phone on a PABX, electronic key system, or residential phone. The W-1000 is a weather resistant, flush mounted unit that provides ring voltage and talk battery to an unused telephone line port of a PABX or Key System. It also works on residential systems when used in conjunction with the C-1000 Door Box Controller.

Stainless Steel Handsfree Door Intercom (Model W-3000)

In addition to many of the features found in the W-1000/2000A, the W-3000 provides a night light, a volume adjustable microphone, and a "Push-to-Talk" mode for noisy applications. The W-3000 also comes in an attractive, vandal resistant, stainless steel, enclosure.

Vandal/Weather Resistant Surface Mount Box (Model VE-5x5)

The VE-5x5 allows the E-10, W-1000 and W-3000 to be surface mounted to a single gang box, a wall, or a gooseneck.

Vandal/Weather Resistant Surface Mount Box (Model VE-6x7)

The VE-6x7 allows the K-1700-3 to be surface mounted to a single gang box, a wall, or a gooseneck.

Vandal/Weather Resistant Surface Mount Box (Model VE-5x10)

The VE-5x10 allows the K-1500-7, K-1900-7 and K-1900-8 to be surface mounted to a single gang box, a wall, or a gooseneck.