Blue Light Retro-fit Kit (Model BLK-1)

A Blue Light retro-fit kit is now available that will allow any analog phone to be converted to a blue light phone.
Provide Strobe Light Indication of Line Status
The BLK-1 provides high visibility indication of analog line status through a high powered strobe light.  The BLK-1 is the ideal solution for the hearing impaired and can be used equally well in loud warehouses or factories, where ringing phones can not be heard.  Alternatively, the BLK-1 can be used to add emergency notification to already installed emergency phones.

The LDB-2 module can be installed on any standard telephone line or analog PABX/KSU station.  The 1 million candle power strobe can be interfaced to flash on ringing, off-hook (line in-use) or a combination of both.

The kit includes: (1) LDB-2 loop/ring detect module, (1) strobe light, (1) PS-2 12V DC power adapter, (2) wire nuts, and 20 feet of wire.

  • Ringing Phone or TTY indication for the hearing impaired
  • Ringing phone indication in loud warehouses and factories
  • Emergency illumination for emergency phones in elevators, campuses, hallways, parking ramps, etc.
  • Alarm indication for security systems or alarm panels with phone dialers
  • Vandal resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Long life 1 million candle power strobe light
  • Can be configured to signal ringing, off-hook (line in use), or a combination of both
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Strobe Dimensions: 111.25 mm diameter x 69.85 mm (4.38" x 2.75")
  • LBD-2 Dimensions: 47.6mm x 30.5mm (1.875" x 1.2")
  • LDB-2 Mounting: (2) #4 screws (not included) or foam tape (included)
  • Strobe Mounting: (2) #8-32 x 2 1/2" screws or (2) #10-32 x 5/8" (included)
  • Shipping Weight: .45 kg (1 lb.)
  • Operating Temperature: -26° to 54°C (-15° to 130° F)
  • Maximum Loop Current: 125 mA
  • Minimum Loop Current: 18 mA
  • Added Loop Resistance: 40 ohms
  • Longitudinal Balance: 63 dB minimum
  • Strobe Output: 1 million candle power
  • Connections: 10 pin screw terminal block and (2) wire nuts