Emergency Elevator Phones
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ADA Compliant Blue Light Tower Phone (Model E-1600-BLT)

Viking is developing a new wall or post mountable emergency phone based on its successful 1600 Series Phones. The phone will share all the features of the 1600 Series plus an extremely vandal resistant wall mount tower enclosure and a flashing blue strobe. The entire unit will be surface mountable and weather resistant.

Blue Light Retro-fit Kit (Model BLK-1)

A Blue Light retro-fit kit is now available that will allow any analog phone to be converted to a blue light phone.

Handsfree Speaker Phone (flush mount) (Model E-10)

The E-10 is a simple handsfree, speaker phone, with a "Push to Call" button and a 2-3 minute time-out. The E-10 is weather resistant and is designed to be flush mounted.

Handsfree Stainless Steel Phone with Dialer (Model E-30)

The new E-30 features an attractive, brushed stainless steel faceplate, a loop indicator LED, and a built-in dialer capable of dialing (2) telephone numbers. The phone may be flush mounted in the included plastic back box or surface mounted in the optional VE-5x5 back box.

Digital Announcer (Model EV-1)

The EV-1 emergency voice announcer provides a repeating 10 second message over the the telephone line when a call has been answered. The EV-1 is line powered and uses non-volatile memory.

Emergency Elevator Phone with Handset (Model K-1500-E EHF)

The K-1500-E is an emergency elevator phone with a hookswitch and handset designed to fit into most standard elevator phone enclosures. The K-1500-E does not have a built-in dialer and is not ADA compliant.

Eight Port Line Concentrator (Model LC-8)

The LC-8 allows up to 8 emergency phones to share a single telephone line. The LC-8 also provides a priority "Fireman's Phone" port to allow on-site emergency personnel to communicate with multiple emergency phone locations.

Line Seizure Relay (Model LSR-1)

The LSR-1 allows the convenience of using a single phone for both, day to day business communications as well as emergency phone communications. All incoming calls will be routed to the standard phone port. However, when an off-hook occurs on the emergency phone port, the LSR-1 will terminate any call in progress on the standard phone port and bring fresh dial tone to the emergency phone port, providing assured emergency communications.

Emergency Phone Polling System (Model PB-100)

The PB-100 provides centralized polling and diagnostics of all Viking 1600 and 1600A series emergency phones through a standard Windows 9x/NT P.C. In addition, any device or human capable of returning DTMF Touch Tones can be automatically polled.

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