Digital Announcer (Model EV-1)

The EV-1 emergency voice announcer provides a repeating 10 second message over the the telephone line when a call has been answered. The EV-1 is line powered and uses non-volatile memory.
Add Location Announcement to Emergency Phones
The EV-1 is a perfect solution to help make your elevator/emergency phone ADA* compliant. The EV-1 is a line powered emergency voice announcer designed to add a natural voice announcement to any telephone. The announcer provides 10 seconds for non-volatile voice record time that can be used to communicate the location for an emergency phone, or a piece of malfunctioning equipment. The announcement repeats continuously after the call has been answered. Emergency personnel can stop and start the announcement at will by dialing a Touch Tone "*".
  • Emergency/Elevator phone identification for meeting ADA requirements
  • To identify malfunction initiated calls from automatic dialing equipment
  • Telephone line powered
  • 10 seconds of digital record time
  • Non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
  • Locally or remotely recordable with a Touch Tone phone
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Power: Phone line powered (32V DC 25mA minimum talk battery/loop current)
  • Message Length: 10 seconds
  • Connections: (2) RJ-11
  • Environmental: 0° to 32° C (32° to 90° F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity.
  • Dimensions: 71mm x 36mm x 119mm (2.8" x 1.4" x 4.7")
  • Shipping Weight: .7 kg (1.5lbs).
  • Sampling Rate: 32k (equivalent)